About me

I'm an EDM Producer

I love inspirational music.

Music that touches hearts and changes lives – usually found in movies and soundtracks.

And I love Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Music that brings people together and makes them dance.

So I mixed them up.

Now I compose and produce Inspirational EDM.


Own Songs 100%
Mastering CDs 40%
Remixes 80%


Hi, I am Christopher Epp. I am a Songwriter, Composer and EDM-Producer. When I am not rocking on stage I am producing in my home studio. Maybe you heard about me through my Artist name: LowP3ak.


I compose electronic music that changes lives and speaks to the heart. Pumping beats, beautiful melodies and inspirational lyrics can make the difference in someones life.


I love to touch peoples heart through my music. I want them to dance, to smile or just to think about life. Music changed my life – so it can also change yours.

Shine Konferenz Song 2017

Shine Song 2017 jetzt herunterladen!

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What I can do for you

Music for your audience

I am also working on demand. If you need a composer or producer for your next song then I am the man.

Live Shows (and DJ-ing)

You need a DJ or Electronic Artist for your next Event? I like to make live shows and mix music at live events.

Film Score

I write and produce movie soundtracks and film scores. I already created al lot of background music, melodies and theme songs.


Want your next marketing video to shine? Make your own song. Or write your own company theme song – your customers will love it.

Youtube or Podcasts

You are a Youtuber or a Podcaster and you want your own song? No problem. Let’s create one together. Beautiful music makes your videos and podcasts unique!


Want a remix of your old song? Turn your old songs into Electronic Dance Songs that make people dance.
My work
CS:GO Dubstep

CS:GO Dubstep

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Kinder des Lichts #shine13

Kinder des Lichts #shine13

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Wir sind eins #shine14

Wir sind eins #shine14

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We Will Change The World

We Will Change The World

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Die Suche

Die Suche

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Alles oder Nichts #shine15

Alles oder Nichts #shine15

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Song: ID 30%
Cover Design 100%
Lyrics 44%
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